Gift Aid Manager by Orchard Software

Gift aid and membership database for small to medium sized charities and organisations.

Gift Aid module

The main features of the standard Gift Aid module include:

  • Donor details recorded
  • Record of donations received with audit reports
  • Print donation receipts
  • Online gift aid claims using either direct submission to HMRC or the online form method
  • Top-up payments can be claimed under the Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme
  • Report showing donations and their total value not yet claimed
  • Report showing donations not qualifying for a repayment claim and the reason, e.g. Gift Aid declaration not received
  • Print donor letters and statements on plain paper or letterheads
  • Produce a written record for oral declarations
  • Store details of regular donations and update them periodically to save re-entering all the details
  • Donations can be analysed to funds/projects so that the tax is apportioned accordingly
  • Donation details can be exported to Microsoft Excel® for further analysis*
  • Import donor and donation data from an Excel, csv or text file
  • Mail merge with Microsoft Word® to produce member/donor letters/envelopes/labels**
  • Design your own reports***
  • Single-user or multi-user
  • User level security
  • Can be installed on a stand-alone PC or a network
  • Unlimited number of donors and donations can be entered
  • Full on-screen help files

Membership module

Additional features in the optional Membership module include:

  • Separate member name and address fields so that the member and donor can be different. For example, the member could be a family and the donor could be either the husband or wife.
  • Generation of member subscriptions due, which are updated to donation records for gift aid reclaim, where appropriate.
  • Import subscriptions received and auto match them to members and subscriptions due.
  • User definable fields allow you to customize the system to match your organisations requirements.
  • Record of volunteer information.
  • Members record of attendance.
  • Subscription details can be exported to Microsoft Excel® for further analysis*

Microsoft Office Requirements

* Microsoft Excel 2016 required to use this feature

** Microsoft Word 2016 required to use this feature

*** Microsoft Access 2016 required to use this feature.


  • Gift Aid module £149 incl. VAT
  • Full version (Gift Aid & Membership modules) £199 incl. VAT
  • 12 months free technical support (by email) included


  • Free support (by email) for first 12 months
  • Includes technical support and program upgrades
  • Support available 7 days-a-week by email
  • Annual support available after the initial 12-month period:
  • Gift Aid module only, support cost £36 incl. VAT per annum
  • Full version (Gift Aid & Membership modules), support cost £48 incl. VAT per annum

System requirements

Microsoft Access® is the database program that Gift Aid Manager runs in. Microsoft Access® is part of the Microsoft Office® suite of programs and therefore data can be easily integrated with Microsoft Word® and Excel®. You do not have to purchase or already have Microsoft Access® installed on your PC as a free runtime edition of the program can be downloaded from Microsoft's website.

System Requirements to run with Microsoft Access® 2016:

Windows 7 or 8 or 10