Gift Aid Manager runs in Microsoft Access® 2016. In you already have this installed on you PC you just need to download the demonstration database file, see below.

If you don't already have Microsoft Access® installed you can download the runtime edition of Microsoft Access® from Microsoft's website, click on the Access 2016 link below (depending on your Windows version). Click the Download button and follow the instructions on screen, then return here to download the demonstration database file.


Microsoft Access 2016 runtime edition

(requires Windows 7 or 8 or 10)

Select the 64-bit version (AccessRuntime_4288-1001_en-us.exe).


1. Click the Download link below then click Open 

2. When the download has completed copy the GAMv5.4Demo.accdb file to a folder on your PC, such as Documents, then click OK.

3. To run the program double click on the GAMv5.4Demo.accdb file that you copied in step 2.

4. If the Security Warning bar is displayed, click Enable Content.


You can create a desktop shortcut by right clicking on the GAMv5.4Demo.accdb file in Windows Explorer, then clicking Send to, Desktop (create shortcut).